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34 Various Icons

I've been working on this batch for a few days. I'm happier with some than others but hey that's all part of the process right? Enjoy!

3 Sleepy Hollow
7 Don't Trust the B
2 Community
3 Lana del Rey
3 Marina and the Diamonds
3 Florence Welch
1 Kerry Washington
1 Nicole Beharie
6 K. Michelle
6 Star Wars
abbiesh202-1 lady-leia-soloichabodsh202-1 lady-leia-soloiash202-1 lady-leia-solochloeb102-1 lady_leia_solochloeb101-1 lady-leia-solochloe101-3 lady_leia_solochloe101-4 lady-leia-solochloe101-5 lady_leia_solochloe101-6 lady_leia_solochloe101-7 lady-leia-soloja217 lady-leia-soloannie217 lady-leia-sololana1 lady-leia-sololana2 lady-leia-sololana3 lady-leia-solomarina1 lady-leia-solomarina2 lady-leia-solomarina3 lady-leia-soloflorence1 lady-leia-soloflorence2 lady-leia-soloflorence3 lady-leia-solokerry1 lady-leia-solonicole1 lady-leia-solokmichelle1 lady-leia-solok michelle1 lady-leia-solokmichelle2 lady-leia-solokmichelle3 lady-leia-solokmichelle4 lady-leia-solokmichelle5anidala1 lady-leia-soloanidala2 lady-leia-soloanidala3 lady-leia-soloanidala4 lady-leia-soloanidala lady-leia-soloanidala5 lady-leia-solo

Credit is appreciated.
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23 Community Icons

Hello it has been awhile since I made graphics but perhaps I had nothing that I felt passionate about and...fandomish about! But that has changed since I picked up Community again. Not only do I love the show but I find myself becoming very fond of Jeff/Annie. I was already fond of Joel McHale so that's a plus. Thus this icons are heavy with Annie and Jeff but the other characters make appearances. These are from the first two seasons. Without further ado!

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I was playing around with different styles. I haven't settled on one haha. I'm indecisive like that.

Credit is really appreciated
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Gossip Girl Poster

This is the second challenge I'm taking apart of for the land comm landofart. The challenge was to create a poster for TV. I decided to do one for Gossip Girl since besides them breaking my poor shipper heart, I generally like the show.

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Round 1: Natalie Portman

Here are my icons for acting20in20. I claimed Natalie Portman of course :P


Vibrant vibrant natalieProfile natalie profileHalf/Half natalie 1Split Screen Split in HalfGuess Who? guess who
Black&White black and whiteNeg Space negative space natalieSong Title Natalie's Got a GunLatest photoshoot natalieActress Steal actress steal

(in character

one. In Character Natalie 1two. In Character Natalie 2three. In Character Natalie 3four. In Character Natalie 4 five. In Character Natalie 5


one. artist's choice two. artist's choice2 three. artist's choice3four.artist's choice4 five. artist's choice5

Evolution of Marie Antoinette Graphic

This is officially my first graphic for the land community landofart. I had recently downloaded some Marie Antoinette caps and I thought why not?

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14 Britney Icons

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It's Britney Bitch!Collapse )

Another small batch. I thought I'd show some love for my favorite singer. I've loved her since 1999. Always got to show love for a fellow Louisiana girl!

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10 Blair Icons

First post here. These icons were originally done for a challenge over at the Dreamwidth land community [community profile] thefandomzoo. This batch is smaller, but I'll be making bigger batches in the future. Until then enjoy!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The True Queen of the Upper East SideCollapse )

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